Nakano Sake Brewery Co.Ltd

“Offering a new kind of sake while still creating high-quality traditional sake”

Nakano Sake Brewery consistently follows the idea of “creating a rich food culture through Japanese sake”. The brewmasters strive to create high-quality Japanese sake that not only adhere to tradition but introducing new methods to create a new distinct type of sake.

“Sake making by combining cutting-edge technology with traditional craftmanship”

Nakano Sake Brewery aims to improve quality by using cutting edge technology in creating Japanese sake. In the past, where human intuition and experience were heavily relied on for determining temperature and moisture for adjusting and controlling. Nakano Sake Brewery has developed technology to help facilitate and substitute for some of these processes. This allows brewmasters to focus on processes that require traditional craftmanship and their use of five senses to create the finest products. By using technology and cutting-edge machinery as tools to help create databases for analyzing data and case-studies, along with the combination of traditional craftmanship, they are able to create consistently high-quality products.
1844Established in Handa-Mura
1909Marunaka Sake Brewery Limited Company Established
1944Acquire Shochu license
1965Became incorporated
1984New brewery factory started
1985 Kunizakari Sake Museum Established
New bottling factory started
1986Acquire liqueur license
1990Company name changed to Nakano Sake Brewery
Acquire fruit liquor license
2007Acquired ISO 9001 certification
2013Acquire other brewing liquor licenses
2014Pouch packing filling line started
2017New amazake factory started